Think on this; You walk into a room that is totally empty except for a green box.   If you are like me, you would probably be thinking; I wonder what this thing is?  I wonder what this thing is for!  You pick it up and look at all six sides . . . nothing . . . no markings . . . no holes . . . no hinges . . . just a green box.  Perplexed, you pick it up and shake it as close to your ear as you can without hitting your head . . . nothing . . . no rattle . . . no shaking . . . no sound at all!

You set the box down and look around the room hoping that there is a piece of paper that would give you a clue about this mysterious box.  Better yet, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a manual of some sort.  And the manual would tell about the box and what it is for and how to use it?!  Ahh . . . but nothing!

Suddenly, the door to the room opens and a little guy with an Einstein-ish hair-do walks in.  He says, “I see you are looking at my box”.  Your box!  You mean this little green box belongs to you?!  “Not only is it mine” He says, “but I invented it and built it!”

Now you’re cooking with gas!  Better than a piece of paper.  Better even than an owner’s manual.  You have the inventor . . . the creator of this thing right there with you.  Now you can learn everything about this silly little green box.  You can ask what it’s for . . . why did he invent it . . . why did he choose green . . . how do you use it?  Anything you want to know, this guy knows because he is the inventor!  He knows every detail about this thing.

Isn’t that the way we are with God?!  We can bounce around life listening to everyone tell us what they think we should be doing.  There is no shortage of advice when it comes to others telling us what is best for us.   And that can be good also.  The bible tells us to seek Godly council.  But what if we could talk directly to the inventor . . . the creator of this thing we call us?  Then we can find out everything about this thing He created . . . what we are here for . . . what we are supposed to be doing . . . why He created us anyway?!  And get this . . . He even had an owner’s manual written about us . . . The Bible.  We can read the manual and talk directly to the inventor/creator.  No need for a middleman or an intermediary . . . it’s direct connect!

This is one reason why spending a daily quiet time with God and reading the Bible is so important for us to live fulfilled lives.  When we listen, we will learn what He wants us to know about ourselves and our purpose here!  If you aren’t already, give it a try!