Being a believer is a life full of contrasts and inside out thinking . . . it’s a real balancing act.

The world’s values and economy and God’s values and economy are pretty much at odds with each other . . . about 180 degrees apart.  The world tells us to look out for number one . . . that it’s all about us . . . grab everything you can before someone else gets it.  Do whatever we have to so that we will feel good!

God’s values tell us to turn the other cheek . . . to love our enemies . . . care for the widows and orphans . . . to first be a servant in order to be a leader.

But, as I was studying and preparing a sermon message, it came to me that there is a great way to marry these two diametrically opposed value systems . . . it’s with ministry!

It is actually pretty simple but it does require a difficult first step . . . start serving others.  When we put others first and help them in the name of God . . . that’s ministry.  And the way God set the universe into motion, is that when we open our hearts to serve others and help others . . . we are the ones who are blessed . . . and feel good about ourselves.  Oh, we definitely bless those we are helping but I would argue that we are the ones with the biggest blessing and . . . we develop a purpose and passion for our lives and become the really self-actualized people.

Want to look out for number one . . . help someone else!
Just a thought!

Thanks for following and reading.