As we go through different times and seasons of our lives, our attitudes and outlooks change and flex to adapt to those situations.  After those strenuous times pass, do we ever return right back to the way we were before ?

The answer is no.  That is what makes us the new person we just became and changed to through that experience.

The challenge is negativity.  if our reaction to a situation or season of life is to adopt a negative outlook, getting back on an open and positive track can be difficult.

This is where our focus is important . . . our focus on God and who we believe He wants us to be.  Through our humility and teachable spirit, God uses the hardening of our hearts and our “glass half empty” attitudes for the greater good . . . of both ourselves and others!

Through this process we grow in our relationship with God, become more discerning , and we have been there . . . the whole experience of this and now we can share and walk others through their journeys.  It’s endless, the number of blessings that come out of a trial . . . Only God knows how many apples will be produced from a single apple seed!

God never wastes an experience or a hurt.  He will use it!

Thank you for reading!